If you wanted a clear sign that in Sicily there is an approximate 90 day harvesting period, this year was a text book demonstration. We began our vendemmia in August on the hills of our mother estate, Tenuta Regaleali, where we harvested Pinot Noir for our metodo classico Almerita Rosè. The Regaleali Estate is an explosion of activity at harvest time, after one year of preparation and experimentation. We harvest the grapes vineyard by vineyard, row by row, tredding lightly on 12 different types of soil with varying expositions and altitudes. Sicilian colours and scents intermingle with continental precision and rigor.  Calls across the vineyard in local dialect can be heard as you arrive at the estate, early risers will catch a glimpse of tractors coming over the hill from Case Grandi accompanied by the rising sun; while dusk brings the sight of local farmers proudly bringing their Catarratto grapes to the cantina up the hill from Valledolmo. Like an orchestra, each person has their part to play.

Photo : Benedetto Tarantino